Free Services

Registering your Will and Living Will on the Central Registry – for family and friends to find your Will at the time of your death or your Living Will at time of need.

Executor notification – Your executor will be notified immediately on confirmation of death and all documentation stored, be that physically or electronically will be released directly to the nominated executor and not the family.

Notification –The nominated person will be notified where your Living Will is kept at time of need.

Online storage of Will & Living Will – Upload a signed copy of your Will and Living Will.

Search facility – The search facility will enable family and friends to determine if you are registered with

Death notification – On confirmation of registration your family and friends will have the option to verify your death by submitting a copy of your death certificate. They will then be notified of the executor who has the information.

Premium Services at R115.00 per annum

Will & Living Will Creation – Create your Will and Living Will and make changes at any time, and have it validated before signing.

Personal Access – Add and change personal information and upload documents that will be accessible 24/7.

Document storage – All legal/business and personal documents can be uploaded and stored online by WDI. These documents will only be made available to your nominated executor at the time of your death.

Notify me – All merchants, banks, creditors, family, or friends can be loaded on a predefined list that will be notified on validation of death, on receipt of the death certificate.