Who we are

We are a dynamic solution driven company, searching out solutions to enhance the quality of life in the ever changing environment.

We provide solutions for day to day life management for the individual by consolidation of all information on a secure central database.

We also provide a commercial application that will help with curtailing fraud and database management.

Why choose us

  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Convenience
  • Adaptability

Our experience

Finance - 40 years
Planning - 30 years
Strategy & Planning - 25 years
Managing CEO - 18 years
Marketing - 15 years



Dr Dennis Kotze


Founder of Wills Database International Pty LTD in 2001 and currently and co-founder of willsdatabase Pty Ltd in 2016.

Has been involved in the financial industry for the past 20 Years and has extensive knowledge in Insurance, estate planning, bookkeeping and financial planning.

Earned his PHD in Business Administration in 2007 and is currently managing various companies in a financial and administrative capacity.


Louwrens Luyt


Currently residing in Gauteng, South Africa and joined as a Director of Wills Database International Pty LTD in 2005 co- founder of willsdatabase Pty Ltd in 2016. Is from a financial background with 22 years’ experience in the following:

Management: delivery of middle and senior management interventions, facilitation of meetings, planning sessions, restructuring of business units

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