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Management solution for Life

During life we incur many transactions, be that financial, contractual, or personal. These transactions influence your life and those of your loved ones. Every decision that you make throughout your life has an effect, be that good or bad.

Whilst we continue with life, life happens, documents get lost, stolen or destroyed, leaving a gap in your life and no means of recovering that which was lost.

When the time comes, and you are ready to move on (your passing) you leave a legacy of decisions and the effects there of. These decisions influence people and those you leave behind.

Willsdatabase has developed a unique package that will help you deal with those type of events and assist you in managing your day-to-day personal and business information.

Central Storage solution

A secure central storage facility for everyday life transactions.

A secure central storage facility for everyday life transactions.

These transactions can arrange from:

  • Education – School, college and University degrees and certificates.
  • General info – ID’s, Passport, Marriage certificates, Marriage contracts, Birth certificates, and Wills.
  • Financials transaction – House and car purchase, insurance and assurance policies, and funeral policies.
  • Business information – Company documents, trusts, partnership agreements, key man policies, etc.

This will help you centralize all your transactions for easy viewing by YOURSELF ONLY whilst also leaving a history of transactions for reference.

All documents are scanned in as PDF and stored in a secure database. These documents can be viewed downloaded, printed, and emailed at any time.

Estate solution and a Global Will Registry

Willsdatabase’s Global Will Registry is a unique facility whereby the date your Will was signed, the location of your Will, and the nominated Executor of your estate are noted.
Willsdatabase also manages the Living Will Registry, where the nominated persons are contacted to find the Living Will, at time of need.

Should you not have a Will, Willsdatabase has an online will generation system that allows you to draw up your will, view your will, and update your will at any time. (verified and checked by Wills Database International).

Upon your passing, all information will only be released to the appointed Executor of your estate. This will speed up your estate processing and make sure that your final requests are fulfilled as per your Last Will and Testament.

Search & Notification solution

Willsdatabase has a search facility that is available for the public at large. The search facility uses ID, passport, social security numbers, and other identification numbers pertaining to the various countries across the globe.

Family members will have access to search for a member and notify us of their passing. Once your passing has been verified the following notifications will be sent:

  • The last appointed Executor will be notified with the details of the person using the search facility.
  • To your friends and family as noted on Willsdatabase.
  • All creditors and financial institutions that are registered on Willsdatabase.

This will make sure that no fraud can occur after your passing and that the executor has all the relevant information, he needs to finalize your estate efficiently.

About us

To create a Global Central registry that will improve your life management whilst also providing an estate solution that curtails fraud and brings peace of mind.

  • Establish a secure central database with ease of access for the member to promote information gathering;
  • Become the preferred database and search facility;